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Episode 01

Creating capracare with a Pen, Paper & a Vision of Health for Haiti


Meet the one and only Jean Pierre-Louis (JPL): Founder, President, and CEO of capracare. During this conversation, we dive deep into JPL's early days in Haiti, how he spent his days, how far he had to walk just to get water, and who instilled courage and bravery into his soul. He is passionate about bringing better health and wellness to the people of Haiti and in this episode we learn about where that passion stems from. We speak about how he was able to channel negative experiences from the schoolyard into the mission of his life... creating capracare


Episode Highlights:

  • Growing up in Haiti, and moving to the U.S. (can you say…culture shock!?!) (4:30)

  • Powerful lessons from JPL’s mother and grandmother (13:20)

  • Integrating into NY culture, experiencing racial discrimination in the school yard, and discovering his mission (17:16)

  • What baseball taught JPL and what 9/11 taught him about disaster relief (25:39)

  • JPL’s first trip back to Haiti, building trust and partnerships (27:16)

  • The 5 core programs of capracare (36:53)

  • What gets lost when it comes to disaster relief (41:34)

  • JPL’s greatest successes over the past 14 years (46:55)

  • Why capracare focuses on mental health of the communities they serve (49:23)

  • Courage is… (53:03)

  • A will to take action

  • JPL’s one act of courage (53:35)

  • How to connect with JPL (54:07)

Interesting Facts:

What is the current unemployment rate in Haiti? 80% out of a population of 11 million people


What can a one time donation of $25 do for capracare? Provide snacks for children during the after school programs.


What can a recurring monthly donation of $25, $50, and $100 do for capracare?

  • A recurring $25 donation can provide budgeting and consistent afterschool snacks for kids

  • A recurring $50 donation can provide consistent and sustainable mental health counseling for individuals and families

  • A recurring $100 donation can be used to hire a full time community health worker for 1 full year.


What can $3500 do to support capracare? This can support the salary of 3 community health workers for an entire year! Amazing!


Where to Donate & Learn more

Courageous Quotes:

“We’re stepping into a whole new chapter of capracare” - Hetal


“My grandma was about 5’2”, probably about 120 lbs, full of courage, full of energy and strength… she would tell me all of these stories of how she was a business woman dealing with men in the marketplace” - JPL

“I know through teams, you can accomplish great things.” - JPL


“You have a population of 11 million people and you have 80% of the people not working… That is MADNESS” - JPL


“When disasters happen, the first line of supporters are individuals… folks who have no connection with Haiti” - JPL


“No one wants to sit around and wait for a big mission team to do the work” - JPL


“We have provided over 350,000 service encounters in 14 years” - JPL


“Forget shortage… there is no gas in Haiti… it was costing $50 for a gallon of gas” - JPL


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