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Reining in Cervical Cancer

— Bringing Cervical Cancer Screenings to Maison de Naissance


Welcome to Episode 5 – Bringing Cervical Cancer Screenings to Maison de Naissance!  

Today, we are talking about Maison de Naissance, a birthing home in Torbeck, Haiti.  In the midst of our hope, sometimes despair, and resourcefulness needed to get the capracare project off the ground, by fate, faith, or chance, we learned of another opportunity to bring cervical cancer screenings to another organization.  Jean and I are talking with Jim Grant, the Executive Director of the Global Birthing Home Foundation, the funding arm of Maison de Naissance. Jim, welcome!

Episode Highlights:
  • Intro, welcome and Introductions by Jo Ann (0:00)

  • Global Birthing Home Foundation and Maison de Naissance—Who are they?  Jim Grant and Jo Ann talk about how they met and why they became partners (3:54)

  • Caucusing in Louisville about What’s Next and Why Not?  Jim, Jean and Jo Ann talk about planning for what might be next. (5:59) 

  • The Swab Test:  Jim talks about what it is, the process and why GBHF is interested in this screening method. (9:09) 

  • Global Grant #3:  Jim, Jean and Jo Ann talk about what the next Global Grant needs to fund (14:30)

  • Challenges, of course!  Jim, Jean and Jo Ann talk about why it took almost 3 years to move ahead (17:15) 

  • Grant approved in February 2021:  Jim, Jean and Jo Ann talk about moments when things seemed to be going right! (24:50)

  • Call to Action:  Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary (29:30)

  • Earthquake, Tropical Storms, of Course:  Jim and Jean talk about the days immediately after the Earthquake in August 2021.  (30:48) 

  • Keeping the Doors Open:  Jim talks about the impact on Maison de Naissance and collaborating with capracare to help resolve training issues. (33:16) 

  • Training and implementing screenings at MN, finally! Jim and Jean talk about getting the See & Treat training and screenings underway for Maison de Naissance. (39:19) 

  • Swab Test training and implementation begins! Jim talks about the successes and the initial and continuing challenges related to the Swab Testing method. (45:39)

  • Why we do this:  Jim, Jean and Jo Ann talk about why cervical cancer screening is so important and the need to continue. (50:38) 

  • Episode 6—What’s Going on with capracare now? Jo Ann promos Episode 6 (58:02)

  • Last to Call to Action: (58:58)

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