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Reining in Cervical Cancer

—What We’re Trying to Do and the Science Behind It


In our first episode we talked about how the collaboration between capracare and the Prospect Goshen Rotary Club started. Today we are going to focus on the screening methods used to detect cervical cancer, the science behind it and why it is so important to the women of Haiti.   Jean and I are very grateful to have with us two women from Haiti—both of whom are familiar with cervical cancer screenings—and are familiar with capracare.  Dr. Helene Nau, a Haitian native and a Family Practitioner, is now practicing in Miami and Broward County and is a member of the capracare board. Dr. Sophia Lubin, a first generation Haitian American, is an OB/GYN practicing in NYC. Dr. Sophia is also a capracare board member. 



Episode Highlights:
  • Welcome and Introductions by Jo Ann  (0:00) 

  • Becoming involved with capracare:  Dr. Helene, Dr. Sophia talk about how they met Jean and became involved with capracare (3:33)

  • Cervical cancer, the problem:  Dr. Helene talks about why cervical cancer is such a problem in Haiti (9:12)

  • An issue with screening:  Dr. Sophia talks about why women aren’t being screened in Haiti (11:38)

  • Limited Options:  Dr. Helene and Dr. Sophia talk about the limited options for both screening and treatment (12:06)

  • Prevention Issues:  Dr. Sophia talks about how there is no concept of primary or secondary prevention and the resulting problems (16:46)

  • Leading cause of death:  Dr. Helene and Dr. Sophia talk about how and why cervical cancer is the leading cause of death of women in Haiti.  (18:48)

  • See & Treat:  What is it? Dr.  Helene talks about what See & Treat is (20:40)

  • Call to Action: Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary — (23:25)

  • See & Treat:  How it works:  Dr. Sophia talks about how See & Treat works (24:38)

  • A Solution for capracare:  Dr. Helene and Dr. Sophia talk about why See & Treat works as a part of the capracare program (25:18)

  • Cultural Issues: Dr. Sophia and Dr. Helene talk about the cultural and political hurdles related to screening women in Haiti (28:39)

  • capracare’s Role: Dr. Sophia, Dr. Helene and Jo Ann talk about the importance of the role capracare, as a Haitian organization, in making the screening program work (33:43)

  • Vaccines:  Dr. Sophia and Dr. Helene talk about the issues in Haiti related to HPV vaccines (38:46)

  • Other screening methods:  Dr. Sophia and Dr. Helene talk about the swab test method, how it works, the pros and cons and the hurdles and struggles in Haiti involved (42:43)

  • The good news:  Dr. Sophia, Dr. Helene and Jo Ann talk about why it is so critical that capracare keep trying (48:17)

  • What’s Next:  Jo Ann promos Episode 3 of Season 3 (51:00)

  • Last Call to Action (52:30)

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