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Episode 02

There is No Health Without Mental Health


Meet the amazing and lovely Becky Endicott: Co-Founder and Chief Storyteller of the popular podcast and community, We Are For Good. During this conversation, I ask Becky to give us a glimpse of who little Becky was growing up. She tells us how she got to taste the nonprofit world early on in her career and immediately fell in love with service. We learn why she ultimately pivoted her career into serving as many nonprofits as she can with We Are For Good and we also talk about her own mental health journey that put her life into perspective. This conversation will leave you thinking about privilege, and what many of us take for granted when caring for ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally… because it certainly is not the same in all parts of the world.

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Episode Highlights:

  • What little Becky was like and what she wanted to be when she grew up (3:04)

  • The moment when Becky fell in love with philanthropy and the non-profit sector (7:32)

  • The first seed that blossomed into We Are For Good (17:05)

  • Becky And Hetal's Mental Health Journey (26:08)

  • Becky takes the mic and asks me about how I feel after quitting my job (39:07)

  • The disparity in privilege in the US vs low income countries when it comes to mental health (40:40)

  • How modeling healthy mental health matters for your children, employees, and the people you serve (46:50)

  • How can nonprofits serve the people who are serving others (49:19)

  • Courage is... (56:38)

  • Becky's one act of courage... (57:48)

  • How can people get in touch with Becky! (1:00:38)


Quote Summarizing episode 

When you build believers, they are much more powerful than a donor” - Becky

Courageous Quotes:

“Kindness and empathy are the great disrupters” - Becky


“We are not going to talk about your grandma’s fundraising anymore” - Becky


“Non-profit professionals are the unsung heroes of this lifetime” - Becky


“How do we create a global movement?” - Becky

“No, we cannot control natural disasters, but we can control how we can teach people to be healthy.” -Becky

“Show up generously” - Becky

“It all starts with empathy” - Becky

“Courage is vulnerability” - Becky

Connect with Becky Endicott

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