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Reinging In Cervical Cancer

— The Hope of Screening: Three Haitian Women’s Story


Welcome to Episode 7 of this 3rd season of an Act of Courage podcast. Today we are going to hear from three Haitian women who heard about the opportunity to be screened for cervical cancer by the folks from capracare—and said yes!


Episode Highlights:
  • Intro, welcome, and Introductions by Jo Ann and Dr. Sophia (0:00)

  • The Chance to be Screened. All talk about how capracare reached out to let them know about the opportunity to be screened for cervical cancer. (5:07)

  • Learning about what to Expect.  All talk about how capracare calmed their nerves and concerns about being screened through the educational program. (11:56)

  • The Importance of Being Screened:  The women talk about why they chose to come to capracare and be screened.  (13:40) 

  • Serving Women and Saving Lives—Part 1:  Vanessa talks about her lesions and treatment. (16:30)

  • First Call to Action: (17:33)

  • Serving Women and Saving Lives—Part II:  Marie and Edit talk about how they are well ((18:54)

  • Spreading the Word:  All talk about their efforts to encourage the women in their lives to come and be screened. (19:39)

  • Giving Hope:  Marie talks about the hope the screening and capracare has given her (20:25)

  • Question Time!  Questions, answers and comments about treatment and procedures going forward: (23:41)

  • Thanks all Around:  Jo Ann thanks these women of Haiti for sharing their stories.  (31:12) 

  • What’s next:  Jo Ann promos what’s next for capracare and the P/G Rotary Club. (32:56) 

  • Last to Call to Action: (34:16)

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