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Reinging In Cervical Cancer

— Surviving and Conquering: capracare’s Story


Welcome to Episode 6 of this 3rd season of an Act of Courage podcast. Today is about capracare’s Surviving and Conquering story! We’re going to hear from members of the capracare staff in Fonfrede, Haiti—who, by hook or crook, continue to screen women, working to rein in cervical cancer in Haiti!



Episode Highlights:
  • Intro, welcome and Introductions by Jo Ann (0:00)

  • A Mobile Clinic—It’s Time has Come!  Jean and capracare Staff talk about the challenges in getting a mobile Clinic (5:30)

  • Taking the Mobile Clinic on the Road.  capracare Staff talk about the challenges before having a mobile clinic and the joy of the first two times they took the Mobile Clinic on the road (9:18)

  • And then there was a Hurricane.  Chantale and the Staff talk about that day and the many days thereafter (14:48) 

  • The Mobile Clinic--a Godsend!  Jean and the capracare staff talk about how the Mobile Clinic was put to use to help save and serve many after the hurricane (16:02)

  • Getting the Cervical Cancer screening program back on track.  Staff talks about gearing up and getting the screening program up and going again (21:40)  

  • Call to Action: Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary (26:00)

  • The Power of Having a Vehicle! The Staff talks about the difference they have been able to make by being able to go to the women in their own vehicle  (27:19)

  • And the Women Keep Coming.  The staff talk about why the women keep coming and the need to continue this work (30:00)

  • Training Others to Save Lives Too.  Miss Sandy, Chantel and staff talk about the opportunity to train others—and what is needed now to keep moving forward (34:21)

  • What’s next:  Testimonials from women who sought out screening—and the difference it has made in their lives (37:05)

  • Last to Call to Action (39:21)

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