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Reinging In Cervical Cancer

—The Beginning


Welcome to Season 3, Episode 1—The Beginning of Our Story.  Jean and I are thrilled you have joined us.  And we have with us today Stacy Bailey-Ndyaie.  Stacy is the founder and executive director of Bridge Kids International, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky but with groups of young folks who are doing good work all over the world.  Stacy herself was already well schooled in international travel and service by the time she joined the Prospect/Goshen Rotary Club in 2011, which is how I got to know Stacy. And she was there when, in March of 2013, the idea was floated that we, as a Club, could help rein in cervical cancer in Haiti.  It was that idea and Stacy’s international connections that eventually led us to Jean in December of 2014.



Episode Highlights:
  • Welcome and Introductions by Jo Ann. (0:01)

  • Planting the Seed:  Jean, Stacy and Jo Ann talk about how capracare and the Prospect/Goshen Club each became interested in becoming involved with cervical cancer screenings. (03:24)

  • Switching Gears:  Stacy and Jo Ann talk about needing to find a new partner, how to continue—and how to find a new partner for this venture. (06:53)

  • capracare and Prospect/Goshen become partners:  Stacy, Jean and Jo Ann talk about how P/G found capracare, that first call, that first visit and why capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary were and still are a good fit. (08:07)

  • And we’re off! Jo Ann talks about how there is no turning back now. (19:05)

  • Call to Action: Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary (19.39)

  • How far have we come:  Jean talks about where we are now. (20:55)

  • The significance of Rotary Global Grants in the funding process:  Jo Ann talks about the significance of using Rotary Global Grants to help jumpstart and fund capracare’s screening efforts. (23:26)

  • Giving ordinary people an opportunity to do extraordinary things.  Stacy and Jo Ann talk about the privilege of working with a partner we could trust. (29:09)

  • Has it been easy?  Jean, Stacy and Jo Ann talk about trials and tribulations—and successes. (30:57)

  • The next episode.  Jo Ann talks about the next episode. (32:49)

  • Last Call to Action (33:55)


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