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Episode 07

From a Vision To a Mission To a Strategic Plan


This is episode number 7, and today I’m honored to host capracare’s Board of Directors Chairman, Cordell Brown. Cordell was the first board member recruited by our CEO Jean Pierre-Louis. Cordell spent most of his career with Metlife in the strategic planning field; he was responsible for driving and implementing strategic planning policies and processes, monitoring performance against plans, and supporting significant initiatives that drove results. After retiring, he knew in his heart he wasn’t done. Instead of returning to corporate America, he ventured into a more meaningful role in the non-profit sector. Today, besides being our Chairman, he is also the Vice President for the non-profit organization Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, an organization focused on providing deep global expertise to make philanthropy more thoughtful, equitable, and effective. He was a joy to interview, and I hope you all enjoy his story as much as I did. Here we go… 


More of the overview on Cordell:

Cordell’s Board service includes Chairman & Strategic Planning Officer of capracare, Inc., and Vice-President of Diving For Life, Inc. He is a Fordham University graduate, who received a double-major B.A. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, then a double-major MBA in Management and Information & Communications Systems, graduating summa cum laude and first in his class. He also holds a Certificate in Executive Nonprofit Leadership from the Fordham Graduate School of Social Service, and is a certified Facilitator, from Development Dimensions International. Cordell is a native New Yorker who enjoys travel, downhill skiing, and SCUBA diving around the world.



Episode Highlights:
  • Introduction by host(ess) Marielis Figueroa (0:01)

  • Cordell Brown tells us what he would like our community to know about him. (2:30)

  • Cordell Brown recalls how he met Jean Pierre Louis(JPL). (7:16)

  • Cordell was part of capracare’s inception in 2009. He shares what his role was in helping to shape the mission. (9:20)

  • capracare has evolved and changed throughout the years. Cordell explains how his role changed or remained the same since joining the organization. (10:44)

  • Cordell describes the most significant challenges and successes as a Strategic Planning Officer. (12:22)

  • Cordell shares some of his hopes when he first started with capracare and how they have changed or been fulfilled over the past decade. (16:29)

  • In 14 years with capracare, Cordell has worn different hats, from Strategic Planning Officer, Chairman of the board, and Master of Ceremony for capracare’s two main annual events: Show Your Love for Haiti and the annual Gala. He shares which event he enjoys hosting the most and why. (19:14)

  • PSA/Public Service Announcement: Join our mission to make a difference by logging onto (23:19)

  • Cordell tells us what has been his favorite part of the work accomplished with capracare. (25:10)

  • Having seen this organization grow right before his eyes. Cordell explains what he would tell people supporting capracare and its mission. And what he would tell those still thinking of supporting the mission but are hesitant. (26:30)

  • Cordell’s journey with capracare is an ongoing passion; looking forward, he shares his hopes for capracare in 2023 and the next three years. (34:30)

  • We have reached our final wrap-up question: At capracare, we believe in the power of the word and its profound effect on our identity; for us, our word is courage. Cordell Brown’s one word that he would use to describe capracare’s identity and why is explained. (36:30)



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