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Reining in Cervical Cancer

— Hope, Despair, and Resourcefulness


Welcome to Episode 3—The Highs and Lows of Adversity!  So, we’ve talked about how our story began, screening methods, and the importance of screening women in Haiti for cervical cancer.  Today, laugh and sigh with Jean and Jo Ann as they talk about the challenges they dealt with as CapraCare and Rotary worked to get this project off the ground. Joining them are two fellow Rotarians from the Prospect/Goshen Club, Dr. Muriel Harris and Sheila Stoke.  Sheila, the CPA of the group, was and is the holder of the purse strings; Muriel, a Professor of Public Health at the University of Louisville, convinced the Club that if they found the right organization on the ground in Haiti, they could do this! 



Episode Highlights:
  • Intro, welcome, and Introductions by Jo Ann (0:01)

  • New Challenges begin:  Dr. Papillon and Jo Ann talk about Nitrogen and Nitrogen Tank issues (4:10)

  • Day 1--Getting to Fonfrede, Unloading the Shipping Container, and Outfitting the Clinic: All talk about early successes and new challenges (8:40) 

  • Day 2--Maybe Training and Screening Today, Maybe not:  All talk about how we are going to fix couplings that don’t fit and other stuff going wrong. (20:20)

  • Call to Action: Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary (22:53)

  • Day 2 continued--Still training, still fixing problems:  All talk about Day 2 continued! (24:05)

  • Day 3—Screenings Begin—sort of, somehow:  All talk about what else went wrong and muddling through (28:49) 

  • Day 4—Still screening, sort of, plus unexpected opportunities to serve in other ways:  All talk about how the “other stuff” in the container is being used (33:56)

  • Day 5—Making it work, Part 1:  Jean and Jo Ann talk about the need for solar panels, final screenings, and unexpected, enduring impacts (41:10)

  • Day 6--Community Celebration—and Unexpected Impacts: Jean and Jo Ann talk about their lasting impacts (44:54)

  • Afterward—Making it work, Part 2:  All talk about how we can’t stop doing this work and the need for capracare to go to the women (48:25) 

  • Mobile Clinics and the need for Global Grant No. 2:  Dr. Papillon, Jean, and Jo Ann talk about what’s needed next (49:39)

  • What’s the Next Episode About?  Jo Ann Promos Episode 5 (55:03)

  • Last to Call to Action: (56:20)

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