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Reinging In Cervical Cancer

— What’s Next?


Welcome to Episode 8—the final episode of the third season of An Act of Courage! Over the last seven weeks, Jean Pierre Louise and Jo Ann Heppermann have talked with lots of folks about how capracare’s and PG Rotary’s story began and how they got to where they are today. Now is the time to talk about what is next. While today is the final episode of this third season, it clearly is not the final chapter of this story.

Episode Highlights:
  • Welcome and Introductions by Jo Ann (0:00)

  • Takeaways: Jean and Jo Ann talk about the highlights and learnings from the last seven episodes (5:45)

  • The Need to Continue the Work: Conversations about the urgency around the need for and lack of cervical cancer screenings (8:08)

  • Unexpected Outcomes—Part I: Who knew what a blessing a Mobile Clinic can be! (13:46)

  • Call to Action: Public Service Announcement from capracare and Prospect/Goshen Rotary (15:06)

  • Unexpected Outcomes—Part II: Unexpected opportunities to train and serve (16:22)

  • The Numbers: Jean talks about the number of sites and women served (18:24)

  • capracare’s Goal—Screening 25,000 women a year: Jean talks about what it will take (19:28)

  • How Rotary Can Help: Jo Ann talks about how other Rotarians and Clubs can help save lives (24:10)

  • Fingerprints and Blessings: Jean and Jo Ann talk about the blessings of being involved in this life-saving venture (28:50)

  • Final Call to Action (33:39)

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